Cookie Rubric Creation

Uh goodness.

Imagine trying to create a rubric to grade a cookie. Seems easy right? As long as it’s yummy, it gets an A+! No, not so simple.

OK so now you have to come up with categories: shape, texture, taste, chocolate chips. Sounds easy still. But what if you like a perfectly round cookie .5 inches high, where other people enjoy a misshaped cookie that is flat. How many are “too many” chocolate chips? Crispy versus soft?

This activity showed me how rubrics are truly subjective. One person’s favorite cookie might be different that another person’s favorite cookie. Our group tried our best to come up with a rubric to satisfy everyone’s version of a favorite cookie, and it was very difficult. I learned that rubrics need many details to ensure that all students are on the same page with an assignment and there is no room for error.

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