My Final Reflection on the Online Course Management Course

PHEW! The semester is over! And I am graduating!

This course was quite difficult. Creating and developing an online course from scratch is much more difficult than I thought. There are so many components that go into creating an online course– much more than I realized. I have gained an appreciation for my online professors.

At first, I thought that I will never use the online course I am creating. I thought, “Why am I working so hard to develop an online course that I will never use? 6th graders will never need an online course!” Since developing the course further, I have shared my project with colleagues and superiors. All have said that they would like to see my course and that I should show administrators who interview me because schools are always looking for new ways to teach materials.

Overall, I have learned so much! I am surprised at how far I have come through this course to develop an online learning site. I have had many personal battles this semester as well as a busy schedule, but I survived and made it through! I am thankful to this course for teaching me how to develop and online course, because knowing how to do this may just get me a job!

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