My Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is based on classroom management. With sound classroom management, I can help all students whether it is with assignments or their personal lives.

I believe that consistency is key with all classroom management, especially discipline. This establishment of rules is essential. I need the students to understand the rules because if there are no rules, there will be sheer chaos in my classroom which is unacceptable. The students will come to accept these rules because I will strictly enforce them. Appropriate punishments will be given to those who do not follow the rules, and I will not deviate. It will be hard to not be the “bad guy” or “strict teacher” but after a few years of teaching, I believe that the students will talk and understand that I am tough, but I just want them to learn. As a current student, I know that students talk about teachers all of the time and discuss their teaching and level of “harshness” or the equivalent. The students will quickly learn to respect me and love the environment that I will create.

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