Reflection on the MOOC Debate

A few weeks ago, my peers and I interacted on a debate about MOOCs. I was placed on the Pro-MOOC team, even though I truly am undecided about them. Through the debate, we talked about similar topics multiple times. We discussed the impact of MOOCs on high-ed, whether MOOCs can be beneficial, and if MOOCs suffer for large enrollment rates and no-to-low costs.

I believed both the Pro and Against groups came to the agreement that MOOCs can be beneficial for those wanting to enrich themselves on a topic and grow for their own personal gain. We agreed that MOOCs will not replace higher-ed. We disagreed about the large enrollment’s impact on students. We argued that the large enrollment does not hinder students because most are there for their own enrichment and move on. The Against side argued that high enrollment rates hinder the learning process because students cannot interact and personal connections with the professors are lacking.

Overall, I enjoyed the debate even though I did not have much opportunity to participate based on the questions chosen. It was interesting to see both sides of the debate and the research to back it up. My favorite part of the debate was the ending when we just got to talk in an unstructured way. I also enjoyed that both sides ended up coming to the same conclusion that they were happy with.

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