The Frustrations of Technology

Right now I am working on a pretty unreliable laptop. I have lost pages of a large document, and had to rewrite parts of papers multiple times. It also lags while I type, which can be really frustrating.

Due to these issues, I started to think about my online courses. Being either the instructor or the student, there are many issues that can arise with online learning. For instructors, grades may not be able to be posted, documents may not upload properly, and you may not be able to see your students’ work formatted correctly. For students, you may have a hard time viewing videos, uploading a document, printing assignments, and downloading content.

For instructors and students, they both need to be understanding with technical issues that may arise. The legitimacy of these complications may be hard to verify since online learning occurs without physical presence. Compromising and being understanding is key when dealing with the frustrations of technology.

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