Institution and Learner Readiness

My student audience are 6th grade students. Each class has roughly 20 students, and I teach five periods a day. The course will be centered towards average students at a 6th grade level, since I have varied levels in my English class. All are general ed.

The types of materials that will be made available to students online will include videos and web 2.0 tools. Since this is middle school, I believe the class should meet face-to-face once per week to rope the students in and keep the students together.

My students will have unlimited internet access at home. This is an affluent district, and there is available free wifi throughout the building. The students are only allowed to use their smartphones, which the majority have, or laptops when the teacher permits. Other than that restriction, they have unlimited internet.

The support I will have available to me to assist in creating the online course is the school’s Media Specialist. Also, there are many online resources that I will research to help me.

The school does not have an online course software, so I will use a free site, like WordPress to create my course.


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