Development of an Online Course

Developing an online course takes a lot of time, effort and energy — much more than I thought! There are many aspects that go into designing a course, but most in-person classes have already been designed. Starting from scratch includes listing course materials, grading policies, ADA compliance regulations, and other details.

I now have a greater appreciation for my online-class professors. I used to think that online-professors had easier classes since there was not a scheduled meeting time. I am not realizing how much effort goes into creating and designing these courses that I have gained an appreciation for their hard work.

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MOOCS: Why Partake?


These Massive Open Online Courses caused a controversy within the higher education community. Universities were afraid that MOOCs would take over a traditional brick and mortar classroom.

The majority of people who begin a MOOC come in, download the content they desire, and do not complete the course. The THOUSANDS of students who sign up for MOOCs are from all around the world! Some people cannot log in everyday for many reasons, like lack of power, internet, or a busy schedule. Everyone signed up for the MOOC can be in different time zones, making assignment deadlines difficult to arrange. As for discussions, there is no way a professor can monitor them. The sheer number of participants alone is unmanageable.

Overall, I think MOOCs are great for finding content and leaving, but I do not see a benefit as completing it like a regular college course.

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Nicole Johnston Came to Visit

It was a great opportunity to meet with a NAIS Teacher of the Year! Nicole is an educator at Oak Knoll Academy, teaching these high school girls History/Social Studies. She began researching and implementing the flipped or blended technique in her teaching when she had a medical leave but wanted to keep teaching. She explained ways to implement blended learning, like stations for working in the classroom.

I was surprised to learn how much work goes into creating a blended classroom. Also, I was surprised that many of the resources she gives as “homework,” or her lessons, are videos she crates herself as well as doing voice-overs. I will definitely be joining in on her Twitter chats!

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My thoughts on Online Learning

Online learning has its challenges, for both the educator and the student.

The educator faces the issues of:

1. Is the student really who they say they are?

2. How can I foster instant and interactive participation?

3. How can I gain a relationship with my students if I only know them from a block of text?

The students face the issues of:

1. Time management since they are not seeing their professor every week.

2. The coursework is generally more than an in-person class.

3. If I get sick, or any other type of issue, and I need to hand in my project/paper, how can I prove to my professor the seriousness of the situation?

As a student in three online classes, I have had many different experiences. One class was a lot of reading with a normal amount of work, but a bit more than others. Another class was only half of the semester and an amount of work I could barely handle on top of my other 15 credits. I struggled a lot with that class and was worried that I would receive a poor grade. I had many personal issues during that seven weeks, including an illness which began the first week of classes and ended six weeks later, and the next week I had surgery. The course ended the week after my surgery. It was hard to explain the severity of my illness with the instructor because she was not around to physically see my illness or gain a personal relationship with me. The third online class I am currently taking is an extremely light amount of work. It is seven weeks long and within two days, I completed all of the work for the first three weeks.


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Welcome to my Blog!

I am taking a course on Online Learning and how to develop an online course. I hope to learn a lot and post ideas of how I will be hosting an online course.Multitask

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